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Legal Resources: UCLA Law Students & Recent Grads: Alternatives
to Westlaw & Lexis

Law Student Summer Research Information

The page below provides information and links to useful resources.

Limited Access to Westlaw & Lexis During the Summer

Both Westlaw and Lexis limit your access to your law school Westlaw and Lexis accounts during the summer.

Your Lexis law school ID will be limited to only career materials as of June 1, 2011. These limited menu options will be lifted on Aug. 1. Your Westlaw law school account will be limited to two hours of use during each of the summer months (i.e. June and July). Like LexisNexis, normal unrestricted access to Westlaw resumes on Aug. 1.

However, you may register for summer access. Please see the box below.

Extend Summer Access to Lexis & Westlaw

You can register for summer access to your academic Lexis and Westlaw accounts under certain circumstances. Students are permitted to extend their access to their academic accounts during the summer if they are doing research associated with school work, moot court or law review, working as an RA for a professor, or have an unpaid internship/externship. Additionally, Lexis also allows you to request summer access to study for the bar exam and to improve your research skills (for educational purposes).

Use the links below to read further about these programs and register for summer access.

CEB OnLAW - Free for a Year

Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) offers new lawyers their complete online library free for one year as well as other discounts. See the link below.

Eligibility: Lawyers admitted to the State Bar of California within the last 5 years

Lower-Cost Legal Databases: Free for UCLAW Students

VersusLaw and BloombergLaw are lower-cost online legal databases--touted as affordable alternatives to the more costly Lexis & Westlaw legal research services. Practical Law Company (PLC) is a bit more specialized, focusing on transactional law resources that are very practitioner-oriented.

All services have law school programs that provide students' access to their legal (mostly primary law) databases during the academic year and through the summer (or, for VersusLaw, part of the summer).


Bloomberg Law

Practical Law Company (PLC)

PLC offers model documents with legal, drafting and negotiation tips; step-by-step checklists, timelines and flowcharts; overviews of transactional practice areas (we have access to Corporate and Securities and Finance); and updates on legal and market developments.

Important Note About Access to Databases

Be sure to read the Database Access Guide carefully before beginning your research.

UCLA & UCLA Law Subscription Databases

As continuing UCLA students, you have access to UCLA and UCLAW subscription databases during the summer. Many of them include law-related sources that you are used to accessing through Lexis and Westlaw.

For information on how to access these databases remotely, please see the Database Access Information LibGuide (which is linked in the box above). Options include the UCLA Law School VPN, UCLA Campus VPN, and BruinOnline Proxy Server.

UCLA Legal Databases

For a more detailed list of legal and non-legal databases available to you as UCLA law students, please see the Digital Collection LibGuide.

UCLA Law School Only Databases

For a more detailed list of legal and non-legal databases available to you as UCLA law students, please see the Digital Collection LibGuide.

UCLA Non-Law Articles Databases