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Repository: Rights

This guide explains how to use WPU's institutional repository.


The David and Lorraine Cheng Library will only make works available in WPSphere that conform with U.S. Copyright Law and other relevant laws, regulations, and legal agreements.

WPSphere accepts works from submitters in which they retain the copyright in whole or part. If the work has been published, copyright may have been transferred to the publisher. In such cases, the author may contact the repository administrator for information related to their author rights.

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Journal Articles & Author Rights - Which version(s) are okay to submit?

In the case of journal articles, the author typically transfers their copyright to the publisher. Depending on the publisher's policies, the author may retain the right to "self-archive"  a version of the article in WPSphere. The repository administrator can help with ascertaining author rights for WPU faculty, staff, and students.



Author's Original (AO) - Version(s) of the article prior to the one submitted to the publisher.

Submitted Manuscript Under Review (SMUR) - Version of the article that was submitted to the publisher for review. It may or may not include revisions from the AO.

Accepted Manuscript (AM) - Version of the article that has been accepted by the publisher for publication. It may or may not include revisions to the SMUR as part of the publisher's review process.

Proof (P) - Version of the article that is created as part of the publication process, e.g. typeset versions. The layout is the publisher's.

Version of Record (VOR) - This is the definitive, authorized, formal, or published version of the article.

Corrected Version of Record (CVoR) - Version with published corrections after VoR. This may occur in the case of author or publisher errors.

Enhanced Version of Record (EVoR) - Version that has been updated or enhanced with supplementary materials after VoR.

These definitions are adapted from NISO-RP-8-2008.