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Copyright Information: Copyright @ WPUNJ

Information and resources about copyright and fair use for the William Paterson University community.

Copyright @WPUNJ



If you have questions about how copyright law impacts research, teaching, and learning, we are not attorneys, but we are happy to help you analyze the fair use factors and to discuss your options.  Please contact the Reference department for assistance.

WPUNJ Copyright Policy

Preamble to the William Paterson University Copyright Policy

At the core of everything the William Paterson University (the University) does, the following five values define its ethos and fundamental beliefs: academic excellence, creating knowledge, student success, diversity, and citizenship (University Strategic Plan). In order to promote these values, the University holds faculty, staff and students responsible for complying with all Federal laws (Title 17, United States Code) regarding copyright and the University policy and guidelines enclosed herein.

This copyright policy delineates the rights and responsibilities of the University and its faculty, staff, and students. The University practice is that all copyright issues will be resolved prior to use. The Copyright Policy describes the various categories of works of authorship, addresses issues of ownership and assertion of rights in connection with those works, sets forth how the Policy will be administered, and provides for the creation of a Copyright Policy Standing committee made up of faculty members and administrators who address issues concerning the proper interpretation of the Policy.

This copyright policy contains elements that intersect with other existing policies at the University. The copyright policy does not replace those existing policies but rather it is meant to work in conjunction with them. Links to intersecting policies are provided herewith.

Please visit this webpage for the complete William Paterson University Copyright policy: