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Repository: Submission Process

This guide explains how to use WPU's institutional repository.

Overview of Submission Process

1. In the upper right corner of the home page, click on the Sign on to: button.

2. From the drop-down menu, click on My WPSphere.

3. From the Choose a Login Method webpage, faculty and staff should click on "Enter WPUNJ NetID and Password" and students should click on "Enter WPSphere Username and Password." On the following screen, enter the appropriate username and password.

4. From My WPSphere, click the Start a New Submission button.

5. From the Submit: Choose Collection screen, click the drop-down menu to select the collection that you would like to submit to. Then, click the Next >  button.*

6. From the Submit: Describe this Item screen, enter the appropriate information, as necessary. Title and date are required fields. Then, click Next > to continue. (For more details on this section, click the "Describe this Item" tab.)

7. From the Submit: Upload a File, either drag & drop file(s) into the beige box or click on Select a file or drag & drop files ... link to upload your file(s). After the uploaded files are uploaded, you may enter a brief description, e.g. "Presentation slides," in the text box by each filename. Then, click Next > to continue.

8. From the Submit: File Uploaded Successfully screen, you may decide to add more files, remove files, or change the descriptions. When you are ready, click Next > to continue.

9. From the Submit: Verify Submission screen, you have the option to correct any of the information and/or change the file(s). When you are ready, click Next > to continue.

10. From the Distribution License screen, click the I Grant the License button to complete the submission process. (If you do not agree to the license, the submission cannot be completed.)

11. After submitting your record, a repository administrator will review it and, if necessary, make revisions before accepting it to the repository. If there is additional information to add to the record, e.g. citation, or revisions to be made, please contact the repository administrator by e-mail as


*If the collection you wish to submit to is not available in the drop-down menu, please contact the repository administrator by e-mail at

Note: During steps 6-9, you have the option to save your submission and complete it at another time.