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LGBT Resources: @ the Library

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The Cheng Library offers a wide variety of materials dealing with issues affecting the LGBT community; taking the form of books, videos, and online articles.  

While our collection is focused mostly on academic research, the topics included cover both historical and current events, as well as issues that are of personal use to many.

If you feel that there is an area that could be better represented in our collection, please let us know!

NOTE:  You may need to use a variety of keywords to find everything that is available.

Search Books & Media


Search the Cheng Library online catalog for books and media. If you need journal articles, go to our Databases page.

LGBT Resources @ the Cheng Library

LGBT Book Lists

Not all titles are part of the Cheng Library collection, but let us know if you see something that you think we should have!

Finding Articles on LGBT Topics

Finding good articles about LGBT topics can sometimes be difficult, but the following library databases are a great place to start: