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LGBT Resources: LGBT History

LGBT History

Scattered throughout world history you will find references to LGBT individuals, communities, or practices.  Accepted in some cultures and condemned in others, the need for LGBT people to hide from discrimination, abuse, and even death, has made this history difficult to follow; although some figures rise up can be identified through letters and historical accounts.  More recently, through events like the Stonewall Riot, LGBT individuals are fighting for civil rights and Coming Out to be recognized as valued (and valuable) members of society.  

LGBT history is still being made and, even though many challenges have been overcome, it is important to understand the struggles that have come before.

The resources on this page provide links to LGBT history and the Gay Rights Movement, as well as information about notable individuals (past and present).


LGBT History

Until recent decades, history books have not generally included LGBT individuals in their pages.  With increased awareness and public presence following events like the Stonewall Riots, LGBT people are increasingly accepted in modern society.  These sources will provide some context of LGBT history, and give a better understanding of the challenges and struggles that these groups have overcome, or still face.

LGBT Timelines

Selected timelines of LGBT history.