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WPUNJ Alumni Resources: Internet Safety for Parents

OER Research and academic resources for WPUNJ Alumni

Getting Started

This guide is designed to provide resources and tools to educate parents on providing a digitally safe environment for their children. The resources and tools listed are for information purposes only and should not be construed as endorsements by the David & Lorraine Cheng Library. We encourage everyone to be active lifelong learners to remain knowledgeable in the areas of digital literacy, digital privacy, and internet safety. We also promote educating our youth by providing the information and resources they need to be conscientious users of the internet.

Please feel free to contact our Reference & Outreach Librarian Gary Marks with questions, comments, or concerns about the content of this guide. or 973-720-2290


Key Terminology

OS- Stands for Operating System. Examples include iOS for Apple devices and Android for Samsung devices. The tools available to you and their effectiveness may depend on the operating system you and your child are using. Not all Operating Systems are the same and not all devices are the same, it is important to understand the systems and the devices to protect yourselves and your children.

Built-in vs.Third Party- These terms refer to the tools you can use as part of your internet safety plan. Built-in refers to tools available within the device or operating system (examples include Google Family Link, Amazon Parental Controls, and Apple Parent Controls). Third Party refers to additional apps you can download and use for free or a fee, these can offer screen time management, content controls, location finders, and more.


Parent Tools

Children & Internet Safety

Alumni Webinar for Using this Guide

Approaching Internet Safety with Children/Teens

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