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Voting 101: Elections & Voting Resources

To aid students in making informed voting decisions and to become familiar with the voting process.


NJ has implemented an ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION System!  If you need to register to vote, the time is NOW!

Follow the NJ Voter Portal link below for details and online voter registration!


Voting in New Jersey

Secure Mail-in Ballot Drop Box Locations

If you chose to request a mail-in ballot but don't want to return it through the mail you can hand-deliver it to your county board of elections, or use a secure ballot drop box location found throughout the state. Find one near you by checking this complete list.

Elections & Voting Resources

Here is a useful list of web resources about the voting process in the U.S.

NJ Elections Timeline

NJ Primary Election Information

NJ has a "Semi-Closed" Primary system. This means in order to vote in a Primary election you must declare affiliation with a Political Party to vote in a Primary. Semi-Closed indicates that NJ allows for a registered voter to declare affiliation with a political party up to and including on Primary Voting day at their polling location. Voters currently affiliated with a Political Party can choose to change party affiliation by submitting a party affiliation form. Change of Party Affiliation forms must be completed 55 days prior to the scheduled Primary in NJ.

NJ Party Affiliation Information and Forms


Vote 411