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Voting 101: SGA Position Descriptions

To aid students in making informed voting decisions and to become familiar with the voting process.

SGA Position Cheat Sheet

SGA Candidate FAQ's

1. What is the time commitment for the various SGA positions or roles?

      Senate meets every Tuesday at 5pm and E-board meets every Thursday at 5pm. Allocations meets Tuesday during common hour and JRB meets Thursday during common hour. The other 3 committees meet depending on the senators schedules.

2.   Are there restrictions on serving on SGA while also holding other positions on campus? 

       Members of E-board cannot be president of a student run club. They can be apart of the E-board committee as another position and if they're apart of SAPB or Greek Senate, they can only accept one stipend.

       RAs  cannot run for E-board but that restriction is from Residence Life due to the fact that RAs work almost every night and in the past, the schedules have always been a conflict to manage.

3.   What are the stipends and how do they work?

     Stipends are a one payment received at the end of the semester. Senators have responsibilities throughout the semester which they'll be informed of and the stipend review board will evaluate and confirm that each senator has completed their duties and will vote on everyone receiving their stipend. E-board gets a stipend of $3000 a semester and senators a stipend of $250 before taxes.