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PBHL3040/PBHL3042: Health Research Methods: Online Health Resources

Statista Database

There are many places to find health statistics online.  Below are some useful links, although this list is not exhaustive.  The U.S. government is tasked with collecting information on a variety of topics, and individual organizations are also great places to look.

If you are struggling to find statistics or demographic information about your topic, explore the options below, or search the internet (see Finding Stats Online section).

National & State Health Statistics

Specific Populations & Opinion Polls

Disparity Data

Get More Out of Google

Get More out of Google

Finding Stats Online

If you're looking for statistical information online, be sure that you can trust the source before using it.  

One way that you can do this is to limit your results to certain domains: or

For example, or

Many organizations (.org) also collect statistical data.  In order to ensure that an organization is legitimate, be sure to check the About Us/Contact Us links to learn more about them.