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PBHL3040/PBHL3042: Health Research Methods: Research Instruments

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Finding Existing Surveys/Questionnaires

Finding Sample Survey Questions

While sample questions and full survey instruments are not always available for study/reuse, the Library has a few databases that can help you to get started.

As you review your results, you may find Source citations or references to related articles about the survey instrument, its application, and (possibly) how results have been analyzed.  Often, these citations will not directly link you to the full article.  See below for instructions and a short tutorial on how to use 'citation tracking' to find what you're looking for.

Found a Citation?

Citation Tracking

When reviewing articles and books, or even searching the Internet, you might come across citations for other articles that you'd like to see.

To find out if the Library has the article, use the Journals A-Z tab on the Library website, and search for the journal name (not the name of the article).

This will tell you whether or not the Library subscribes to the journal, and in what format (paper, microform, or electronically through a different database), and for what years it is available.

If you find that we own the journal you need, compare the year of the article to the options presented, and use the rest of your citation as a guide to locate the full article.

If we don't have an article at all, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan (see below).

If, on the other hand, you see that the article is only available in a WPUNJ format (WPUNJ Print, WPUNJ Microfilm, or WPUNJ Microfiche), complete an Article Request Form to have us digitize it for you!.

*** Before using your credit card to pay for articles online, be sure to contact the Library to see if we can get it for you, for free!

Research Instruments, Surveys & Tools

Freely Available Survey Questions

Some organizations make survey instruments and/or survey questions available on their websites.  See the following for examples.