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COMM2200: Radio and TV Industries: Locating Resources

This guide provides an overview of relevant resources related to radio and television.

In class assignment

In class assignment 

Responses to questions that were submitted: 

Are there other ways to search for a business you can't find?

  • Yes, you can use the “search all” feature on the library home page. Depending on the company, you may also want to search for an industry or even visit the company home page.

How to find APA ?

  • There is “a cite” this feature in most of the databases. You can also view the information in the Citing Sources tab.

What database search sites do you consider to be the most reliable out of all the ones available?

  • The subscription databases all contain reliable information so we recommend using them instead of just surfing the web.

Search Tip: Keywords

It is usually a good idea to start out broadly, so using just one or two of your topic terms is a good way to begin. Once you have a set of results, you can begin narrowing down your results by entering one or more terms. Searching in a specific field such as "Subject" or "Title" will narrow or focus your results. 

Search Tip: Truncation

Truncation Finds Multiple Word Forms

The asterisk (*) is usually used to search words with the same root:

 Person* =  Personal, Personality, Personable,  etc.

Wildcard symbols (usually a ‘?’) replace a single letter:

Wom?n = Woman, Women

Locate Trade and News Articles

Locating Company Information-SWOT Analysis

New York Times

Annual Reports

Broadcasting and Cable