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Public Relations: Trade Journals and Orgs

  Trade Associations

Find trade associations related to your product or industry. Check out both their publications and webpages.

For example, here are trade publications related to the beverage industry.  Use one of the business databases such as ABI Inform or Business Source Premier to search for articles on an industry or product. This will help you identify some of the relevant trade publications.

Beverage Industry (trade journal) Beverage Industry(Website)

Beverage World (trade journal) Beverage World (Website)

BevNet (website)

Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry Profile (industry profile)


Trade Organizations

Trade organizations and their publications, newsletters, etc. are good sources of information for marketing and public relations.  Trade organization websites will contain economic trends, market research, public policy and regulatory information. These are a few examples.

PR and Related Industry Publications

Search within these publications for articles on industires, companies, or target market