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William Paterson University Educational Leadership: Journals

This guide is for the Educational Leadership program at William Paterson University. It contains resources available in the David and Lorraine Cheng Library.

Selected Journals

Learn how to find particular journals in the Library. 


Q. How do I locate a specific publication in the Library?

How do I find a journal by title? How do I find a book by title? How do I find a newspaper or magazine by title?


You may locate a particular journal, newspaper, magazine or trade publication within the Library by going to the Journal Search tab on the Library's home page.

Enter the name of the publication you would like to find and click search. As shown below, the results screen will tell you if the Library subscribes to the publication, what years the Library subscribes to, and in which database(s) the full text is contained. Click on the linked database name in order to access the publication.

Top-Ranked Education Journals

For more information about journal rankings, see the Scholarly Publication page.