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Lynnae Failla's LibGuide- Writing in Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia



Database Resources

‚ÄčNOTE: To access the databases, you may need a username and password.  Please go to the library Google Classroom to find the appropriate username and password for each database.

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Books in Our Library


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Mesopotamia Cultures of the past     
      Call #: 935 SER Service, Pamela.
Discusses the history, social order, customs, religion, and accomplishments of the area known as the "cradle of civilization".

(*The following books are not in our library and were included for the purpose of this project.  I used Novelist K-8 to find relevant print resources, and I will have to look into purchasing these books for our library for next year.)

Eyewitness Mesopotamia     
      Call #: 935 SER Steele, Philip
Presents the history of ancient Mesopotamia, describing the succession of civilizations that existed there and examining the most significant aspects of religion, agriculture, trade, art, writing, and warfare that characterized each separate age.

      Call #: 935 KER Kerrigan, Michael
Features some of the most important written records from Ancient Mesopotamia, with examples of scripts carved into clay tablets and pillars using cuneiform letters.

Arts and Literature in ancient Mesopotamia 
      Call #: 935 NAR Nardo, Don
Introduces culture of Mesopotamia, including art, language, sculpture, cuneiform writing, and literature.


Just for Fun!

The Seven Blunders of the World
      Call #: F RAU Rau, Zachary
In this graphic novel, The Book has been stole from Joe's room and he follows it to ancient Babylon, where they visit the Hanging Gardens, meet the king and queen of Babylon, and learn cuneiform before they recover The Book and escape from an evil Sun God.  

The Lifeboat that Saved the World
      Call #: 398.2 FIN Finkel, Irving
  An original story that had been forgotten for thousands of years until it was recently rediscovered and deciphered, is now retold for children.