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Lynnae Failla's LibGuide- Writing in Ancient Civilizations: Home

Sixth Grade Social Studies: Ancient Writing Systems

Writing in Ancient Civilizations

This guide provides you with easy access to all the resources you will need for your project on ancient writing systems.  In your social studies class, you will be learning about several different writing systems, with particular focus on ancient writing systems from the following countries:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Mesopotamia
  • Ancient China

Use the tabs above to complete your research on each country!

Intended Audience

This LibGuide is intended for a sixth grade social studies class completing a unit on ancient writing systems.

Project Guidelines

After learning about several different types of ancient writing systems, the students will choose one: ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, or ancient China.  First, the students will create a slideshow presentation on their chosen country using Google Slides.  The slideshow will contain basic information about the country.  Second, with the knowledge gained about each writing system, the students will be creating their own writing system using a combination of characters and symbols from each.  


This LibGuide will provide resources for sixth grade students to complete their research and project on ancient writing systems.  The guide focuses on three specific countries: ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and ancient China.  The second tab provides research strategies using the Big 6 Information Problem Solving method.  The next three tabs include various resources--books, encyclopedias, databases, websites-- specific to each country.  The final tab in the LibGuide include guidelines and tools for citing sources.