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Art: Interlibrary Loan & Copy Service

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What is Interlibrary Loan?

As you become engaged in your research, you may uncover books and articles not available at the Cheng Library.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service provided by the library.  The Cheng Library will obtain, whenever possible, materials not available in our collection, for educational and research purposes. Materials can include books, journal articles, documents, and audio-visual materials, although there are some exceptions (textbooks, archival material, etc.).  Materials are obtained from other libraries, both in this country and throughout the world.

Turnaround time is generally quite fast, with most articles requests being filled within a few days, and books within a few weeks.

Use the ILL login page to connect to the Library's ILL service.  Use the menu on the left to select new article or book/media.

For more information, visit the Interlibrary Loan & Article Service link on the library homepage.

Tutorial: Interlibrary Loan and Article Copy Service

Article Copy Service

As you conduct your research, you may come across articles that are not available online, but are owned by the library in another format (print, microfiche, microfilm).

Use the ILL log-in page to have us scan these articles and post them in your ILL account. After logging-in, from the menu on the left, select "New Article Request."  The article will be posted to your ILL account.  Delivery time is usually within 24 hours.

George Tice's Car for Sale

George Tice, Car for Sale, Cliff Street, Paterson, New Jersey, April 1969.  From the book by George Tice, Paterson II, New York: Quantuck Lane Press, 2006.