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PBHL2950: Disparities in Health: Find Books & Media


The Library has an increasing number of ebooks available for you to read online.  Most allow you to search the full-text for relevant sections.  Just look for the 'Click here for full text' link to get started.

Why Books & Media?

Books and films can be great places to begin doing research on different populations and their unique health needs.  Encyclopedias often give a lot of information in a short space, allowing you to explore the health concerns of your group without having to go to a bunch of different sources.

This page offers some possible sources to get started with your research on a variety of topics.

You can also use the search feature below to see what else we may have!  Try combining simple concepts like:

health "African American" inequality

If you don't find what you're looking for, make small changes or ask a librarian for assistance. From the Library home page, select Books & Media.

Search All

Search all will search everything in the library collection! You can use the facets/filters on the left side to limit your search to a specific type of resource, such as a peer reviewed article, and also use date ranges to reduce the number of results. 

DVDs & Streaming Videos