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MKT2100: Principles of Marketing: Industry and Market Trends

Industry Codes

Determining the best search terms to use for a specific industry can be challenging. Identifying relevant industrial codes are a useful first step. These codes can be used to develop lists of competitors, locate articles on industries and find industry data. NOTE: Newer industries may not be reflected in the industry codes.

Economic and Agriculture Censuses

The links below provide data for the US manufacturing sectors. The Economic Census data is organized by NAICS codes. Learn more about the codes by reviewing the NAICS box below. Since the data from the 2012 Census is not yet available, the Annual Survey of Manufacturers to update some data.


Finding Articles in the Business Press

In these databases, you can search by

  • Industry codes ( such as 717210 or 334220 )
  • Broad Industry Category ( such as telecommunications industry )
  • Company Names (such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola)
  • Product Names ( such as iPhone, Droid )
  • Key Words or Subjects (such as mobile devices or tablets) or (apps or mobile apps)

Market Research Reports

Market research reports published by companies such Datamonitor and First IResearch are available in several library databases. Keep in mind that not all industries will be covered and you may need to consider related industries or broader industry labels.

Tips using coffee as the sample industry

  • Some of your companies/products may compete in more than one industry. For example, Starbucks may be viewed as in the coffee industry or fast food industry.
  • ABI and Business Source Premier mix all types of publications in their results list. Each database will give you the option of examining each type separately. The best choices for marketing are trade publications, magazines and reports.