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MKT2100: Principles of Marketing: Using Library Databases

Types of Library Databases

The content of library databases  falls into several categories

  • articles and reports in the business press (ABI, Business Source Premier, LexisNexis Academic, Regional Business News)
  • directories and list making sources (ReferenceUSA, LexisNexisAcademic)
  • marketing and research reports (ABI, Business Sources Premier, IBISWorld)
  • company data (ABI, Business Sources Premier, Hoover's Acade,oc)

Depending on your company or product some sources may work better than others.

Locating Embedded Market and Industry Reports

Locating reports in the comprehensive databases such as ABI and Business Source Premier can be challenging. Be aware that databases will also include references to reports which are not free. Below are some direct links to selected resources in ABI and Business Source Premier.

Key Databases for Marketing

More Examples

Additional examples of using the various databases are provided in other sections of this guide such as "Industry and Market Trends"