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NUR3260: Critical Thinking and Inquiry: Health & Fitness Apps

Health & Fitness Apps

Some apps are intended to make our lives easier, by keeping track of events, providing us with information, or any number of other purposes.

Apps can also be great tools for helping us to keep track of our diet and health, leading to better habits.

With so many apps out there, though, how can you tell which are the best for your purposes?


App Stores

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Where you get your apps will depend on what type of device you own.  The two largest repositories of apps are the App Store and Google Play.

Google Play is used with Android-run devices, while the App Store is used with Apple products.

The best way to find apps is to start with the device that it will be used on.  Both Android and Apple products come set up with ways in which you can locate for useful apps where you'll be using them... on your phone/tablet/etc.!

Browse by subject (Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, etc.) or perform a simple keyword search (ex. [health diabetes])

If you don't have a mobile device handy, or if you're trying to find an app for someone else, you can also search for apps using a web browser, like Chrome or Safari.

Google Play makes it easy to search, though, by including a search box at the top of each page.  Simply enter a few search terms and see what comes up.

The App Store, on the other hand, makes searching for specific apps more difficult, by not including a dedicated search tool for their App Store.  Instead, it is easier to search for apps using a Google search, like this one [ health diabetes app].

Finding the *Right* App

When deciding if an app is right for you or your client, it's important to consider a few things:

  • Ratings?
    • How do others rate the app?
    • Are a lot of people using it?
  • Is there a cost?
    • At the time of purchase, or after using it?
    • Are there lots of advertisements?
  • Is it current and/or maintained?
  • Is it easy enough to use?
    • How intuitive is the interface?
    • Does it require a lot of setup?
  • What features does it have?
    • Does it offer reminders?
    • Does it produce reports?
    • Can I sync it with other devices?
  • Does it do what it says it will?

Take the app for a test drive to see how well it works for you, and consider who else might use it, before settling on one.  

There are lots of apps out there, and it may take time to find the perfect one for you.