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Counseling and Student Services Resources: Lesson Plans and Teaching Activities

Professional Resources for counseling and student services in grades Pre-K-12.

Lesson Plans resources

Committee for Children
In 1981 the Committee for Children developed the Talking about Touching program to reduce child sexual abuse. The Second Step program was later produced to teach the social-emotional skills of empathy, impulse control and anger management. Most recently the Steps to Respect program was created to combat bullying. The website introduces these programs and also provides free downloads of teaching activities.
Grades: PreK - 8
Educator Toolkit: Social Emotional Learning
Common Sense Media evaluates and curates resources on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). The resources include apps, games, websites, articles,teaching tips and lesson plans to help support students learning in SEL.
Grades: K - 12
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)
Established to promote safe schools for ALL students GLSEN's website identifies a number of initiatives (Day of Silence, No Name-Calling Week, ThinkB4YouSpeak) that address anti-GLBT bias. The TEACH section includes lesson plans and curriculum tools.
Grades: K - 12
No Name-Calling Week
Inspired by James Howe's book, The Misfits, No Name-Calling Week Coalition was established by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) and Simon & Schuster Publishing. This website provides information for students, and lesson plans and teaching resources for teachers. Planning materials are available for No Name-Calling Week (one week in January).
Grades: K - 12
Resources for Talking and Teaching About the School Shooting in Florida
Suggestions for helping students cope with the school shooting in Parkland, FL. Includes links from the American School Counselor Association. Gives ideas to help students understand what happened, how to honor the victims, and the role of students in telling the story and their call for action.
Grades: K - 12
Safe Schools Coalition
Safe Schools Coalition dedicated to making schools safe for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. This website provides a variety of resources (lesson plans, booklists, videos, handouts, etc.)for youth, parents, educators, and others. A resource list in Spanish is available.
Grades: K - 12
Sesame Street: Traumatic Experiences
Resources from Sesame Street to help young children recover from a traumatic experience. Includes videos, short articles, teaching activities, reproducible worksheets, and other resources for children and families.
Grades: PreK - 1
Welcoming Schools
A project of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Welcoming Schools provides resources to help schools provide a welcoming environment for all types of families, discourage gender stereotyping, and prevent bullying and name calling. Resources include lesson plans, links to other websites and resources, bibliographies, and handouts.
Grades: K - 6
Words that Heal: Using Children's Literature to Address Bullying
Part of Anti-bias lesson plans and resources for K-12 Educators developed by the Anti-Defamation League, Words that Heal includes many resources about using literature to reduce bullying. In addition to articles about why and how to use literature in the K-12 classrrom this website has lists of appropriate titles, discussion guides for specific titles, statistics, research, and teaching activities.
Grades: PreK - 12