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Visual and Performing Arts Educational Resources: Other Resources

A guide for locating teaching resources related Visual and Performing Arts for PreK-12.

Other Resources

arts education IDEAS
Created by Sue Snyder, IDEAS (Inventive Designs for Education and the Arts) is "dedicated to educational excellence in, about, and through the arts." Resources include articles about arts education, recommended children's books and professional reading and many products of interest to the arts educator.
Grades: PreK - 12
Art Educator Toolkit
"The Art Educator Toolkit contains strategies, approaches, lessons, units, and tools that are curated by representatives from every NAEA division and our membership at large to support you in successfully navigating the shifting landscape of teaching and learning." 
Grades: K - 12
National Gallery of Art
Students can search through the collection and exhibits of the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. The Resource Finder in the NGA Classroom enables you to access lessons and resources by curriculum area, topic or artist. Video tours, online tours and interactive games are available.
Grades: K - 12
Whitney Museum of American Art: For Kids
The Whitney Museum of American Art provides resources for art and museum educators by engaging with artists, hands-on activities, and workshops with educators and students from elementary school to high school.
Grades: K - 12