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PBHL2920: LGBTQ Health: Online Resources

LGBT Issues of Health & Counseling

This section focuses on resources associated with general health care and mental health, in addition to specific topics of interest to LGBT individuals.

This is not an exhaustive list, and additional categories may be added.  If you have suggestions, please contact me.

Successful Web Searching Tips

Get More out of Google

Get More Out of Google

This useful infographic introduces some useful search strategies to better use Google for academic searches.  Please keep in mind that this is primarily for non-academic sources (i.e., those things you would normally find on the Library webpage).

Overview Resources

Sexual Health

Mental Health

Transgender Health

Substance Abuse & Addiction


Sexual Identity

LGBT Elders

LGBT Youth

LGBT People of Color


While many religions accept and even embrace their LGBT members, religion-based discrimination can be a major concern for LGBT individuals. 

LGBT Reproductive Rights