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HIST2600: Historical Methods (1968 Focus): Web-Based Digital Collections

Web-Based Digital Collections

AMDOCS: Documents for the Study of American History
A large and growing directory of links to historical documents on the web, organized chronologically. Maintained by by George Laughead Jr., manager of the World Wide Web Virtual Library for United States History.

AFSCME, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike
In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled to Memphis to support striking sanitation workers. On the evening of April 3, King delivered his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech to strikers and their supporters. The very next day, he was assassinated. This site takes visitors through the experiences of those who were there and also through the words of Dr. King during his time in Memphis. Visitors can find video clips, a chronology of the 1968 strike, and a transcript of King's famous speech. [Internet Scout Project]

CAIN Web Service: The Northern Ireland Conflict: 1968 to the Present
The CAIN Project (Conflict Archive on the Internet) is in the process of creating a wonderful multimedia resource for anyone researching or teaching "the Troubles." The site is still under development, but the amount of information already offered is well worth a visit. Sections currently available include Background to the Conflict, Key Issues, Key Events, and Bibliographic Databases. Sections on Northern Ireland Society, Conflict Studies, and a Directory of Researchers are under development. Users may conduct both full text page and bibliographic searches of the entire site. Although the Key Issues and Events sections will eventually be the largest, the Background area currently has the most content. Among its offerings are a glossary and thesaurus of relevant terms, acronyms of prominent organizations, a bibliography and chronology of the conflict, a guide to research data, related links, and a photo collection which includes political wall murals. [Internet Scout Project]

Miss America Protests, 1968 and 1969
In 1968 and 1969 a group of people began to question the importance and role of the Miss America pageant contests. The ensuing protests helped launch the Women's Liberation Movement into the public consciousness. This digital collection from Duke University Libraries offers a host of photographs, articles, flyers, planning documents, and responses to these events. Visitors to the site can perform a detailed search across the entire collection, or they can browse around at their leisure. All told, there are 65 items here, and they can be viewed as a slideshow, a 3-D screen "wall", or in a grid or list format. The items include "Who Will Miss America?", photographs of some of the contestants, and commentaries from the time, such as Art Buchwald's piece "The Bra Burners". [Internet Scout Project]

ThinkQuest: The Prague Spring 1968
This ThinkQuest site provides an elaborately detailed history of the 1968 anti-Soviet uprising in Czechoslovakia known as the Prague Spring. The site provides not only comprehensive information on the main figures, events, and aftermath of the uprising, but also gives detailed background on the history that led to Czechoslovakia coming under Soviet influence in the wake of World War II. Users can take a guided tour or browse separate sections on the background of the uprising, the events of the Spring of '68, the Soviet Intervention, and its aftermath. In addition, a database of pamphlets, photographs, and biographical profiles is made available along with a search engine. Each separate section offers a pull-down menu for easy navigation, and the historical description is supplemented by 68 primary documents, including such fascinating items as the Munich Agreement struck between Western European allies and Hitler and a letter from Leonid Brehznev to Alexander Dubcek expressing concern about events in Czechoslovakia, April 11, 1968. [Internet Scout Project]

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