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MGT2000: Principles of Management: Finding Articles in the Business Press

Article Databases

These databases include the full-text of articles in business magazines, trade publications, journals and reports. ABI includes many news sources including the Wall Street Journal. Business Source Premier includes a good selection of company and industry reports. LexisNexisAcademic is particularly useful for tracking news of companies across a wide specturm of news sources.

Tip: Sort by Date or Relevance

Tip: Select Field such as Company or Person

To search for a company in ABI or Business Source Premier, change the "Field" option to "Company "To search for a company in ABI or Business Source Premier, change the "Field" option to "Company "


Tips: Searching for Management Topics

  • When searching for an article on a management topic, be as specific as possible. For example, search for the phrase "employee motivation" not just motivation. Use "business planning" or "strategic planning" not just planning
  • Consider combiining search terms such as " fast food" and employees or "management styles" and delegation
  • Quotation marks around phrases and company names is a good idea in both ABI and Lexis databases. For example, search for "talent management" or "General Electric" using quotes to ensure an exact match
  • Results may be reported by relevance. You may want to re-sort by date.
  • Use the "field" option to limit search to subject or company to help focus your results