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Industry Research: Industry and Market Research Reports

This guide illustrates ways of researching the competitive environment using cellular technology as the example.

Industry and Market Research Reports

Some of the business databases include market research reports, industry profiles and SWOT analyses. The techniques for locating these reports are simple, but finding the best search terms can be challenging. Research Reports tend to be at a broad level such as the telecommunications industry or software industry rather then specific segments of the industry.

Frost & Sullivan Market Research Reports

Note that although this database focuses is on high technology & industrial technology, there may be information relevant to consumer prroducts.

1. Enter your search term in the Frost & Sullivan database

2. Filter your results by industry and date.

Industry Reports in ABI

1. Use all relevent keywords when searching for an industry. For example, try searching for "cellular" or "mobile" or "smartphones".

2. Before searching set limits for document types such as industry report, report, market report.  Or after searching, use the filter tools to limit your results to Reports. Consider viewing by Publication Title to sort through your results.

3. Use the data range tool to find the most recent reports or sort by "most recent"

4. Add a location if necessary to focus on "united states"

ABI reports may be from several sources including First Research.

Industry Reports in Reference USA/OneSource

1. After selecting the ReferenceUSA database, clik on OneSource.

2. Enter your industry term or industry code. You may need to filter your results by industry secor.

3. This source includes iindustry reports from Datamoniotr, Fredonia and ratios from RMA Associated

4. Make sure to View all reports to locate reports by country or region.

Industry Reports in Business Source Premier

1. Use relevant keywords such as "moible" or "cellular"

2.Before searching,  limit your results to the Publication type - "Industry Profile"

3. Add a geographic term if necessary to limit to a specific country.

Business Source Premier reports may be from several sources including Datamonitor.

Using Hoovers for Industry Reports

1. Select the Industry tab and then enter your search term(s)

2. Click on the most relevant industry to view the industry description and link tto the full report. The reports are from First Research.