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Industry Research: Locating Articles and Trade Sources

This guide illustrates ways of researching the competitive environment using cellular technology as the example.

Finding Articles in the Business Press

In these databases, you can search by

  • Industry codes ( such as 717210 or 334220 )
  • Broad Industry Category ( such as telecommunications industry )
  • Company Names (such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola)
  • Product Names ( such as iPhone, Droid )
  • Key Words or Subjects (such as mobile devices or tablets) or (apps or mobile apps)

Other Databases

Other, non-business, databases can often often yield good results.

Here are two examples.

  • ACM ( Association of Computing Machinery)
  • CINAHL (Health database - includes articles on software and technology in the health industry)


Trade Sources

The publications and webpages of trade organizations and associations are often useful for researching the competitive environment.

Here's a selected list of trade publications to illustrate the process. Follow the link to the publication and search within the source for a keyword, product or company.