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SOC2330: Sociology of Religion: Finding Books & Media

How to Be a Perfect Stranger: A Guide to Etiquette in Other People's Religious Ceremonies (Magida)

Selected Reference Sources

There are many subject reference sources that provide good background information, and often a list of references, on a variety of topics.  Below is a sampling of titles that you may find useful. 

You should also consider using some of our online encyclopedias, like the Credo Reference collection or Britannica Online.  Even though both appear in our databases list, the content is more similar to a paper encyclopedia and should be treated as such.

Remember... Religions have been around for centuries, and even millennia in some cases.  Don't be put off by a resource with a date of 1980... it's still a good starting point.  I promise! 

Books & Media at the Cheng Library

The library has over 450,000 items available for your use, including books and video and audio materials.  A growing number of our books and videos are availble online, making it easier than ever to get access to great information.

When searching, be sure to include the religion or theorist that you're looking for, as one of your keywords.  Combine that with other terms to narrow your results to find resources about a particular aspect.

For instance, the keyword Judaism, by itself, will give you many more results than Judaism history, which focuses just on that aspect of the religion.

Searching the Catalog

To find books and media that our library owns, use the Books & Media tab non the library homepage, to begin your search.

Simply enter one or more of your keywords and press the search button to begin.  Don't add too much information (like full sentences, etc.), though!  Start with one or two keywords and sort your results to see the newest items first.

Narrow your results using the limits on the right side of the results page.

When you've found a book that looks interesting, click the title to learn more about it, or (if it's Available), write down the location and call number and head to the shelves to get it!

Search Books & Media


Search the Cheng Library online catalog for books and media. If you need journal articles, go to our Databases page.

eBooks & Streaming Video

While searching the catalog, you'll find a number of books and videos with a location of Internet Resource, and a link in place of the call number.

Simply follow the link ('Click here for full text', 'View Streaming Video', etc.) to access the online version of these books and videos.

You will need to log in to view these items from off campus (and on campus, for videos).  If you are having trouble, contact the reference desk for assistance (973-720-2116;