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Geography: Books, Atlases and Maps

Search the Library Catalog

This isn't the place you'd go to find research articles, though!Try the Finding Articles in Databases link, instead.

Finding Books & Media

When looking for books or media (videos or recordings), the Library Catalog is the place to start.  It acts like a small, online search engine, allowing you to see what books and other materials are owned by the Library.  Using the Find Books & Media in the Online Catalog link on the Library website, enter simple terms or concepts, rather than long phrases and questions. You can limit your search to just books or media.  Search for the main concept such as “body image” rather than “the effects of media on women and body image"  In this case, less is better…  Too many terms make it harder to find resources!

For more specific searches, or to combine multiple concepts (i.e., author and title), use the Advanced Search option.

Beware! While the Online Catalog can tell you whether WPU subscribes to a journal or magazine, it cannot tell you what articles are within those items. 

Search the Library's Collection

The Cheng Library's geography collection includes books, videos, maps, journals, online resources, and atlases. Materials may be located using the online catalog. Any words that describe your topic may be used as search terms. Some of the most common terms used to classify geographical materials include:

  • Atlases
  • Agricultural geography
  • Biogeography
  • Cartography
  • Commercial geography
  • Economic geography
  • Geographic information systems
  • Historical geography
  • Human geography
  • Maps
  • Medical geography
  • Military geography
  • Physical geography
  • Rural geography
  • Transportation geography
  • Urban geography

The Cheng Library uses Library of Congress subject headings and call numbers. For a complete listing, see the Library of Congress Classification System.

Geography-related books can be found by call number in the following locations:

Subject Heading:
Geography, General (Includes GIS) G 1 - 922
Atlases G 1101 - 3122
Maps G 3160 - 9980
Mathematical Geography GA 1 - 87
Cartography GA 100 - 1776
Physical Geography (Includes Geomorphology and Hydrology) GB 1 - 5030
Oceanography GC 1 - 1581
Environmental Sciences GE 1 - 350
Human Ecology, Anthropogeography (Includes Urban Geography) GF 1 - 900
Population Geography HB 848 - 3697
Land Use HD 101 - 1395
Meteorology, Climatology QC 851 - 999
Medical Geography RA 791-955

Search terms and call number table courtesy of Richard Kearney.


WorldCat - The OCLC Online Union Catalog (FirstSearch)

WorldCat is an international database containing millions of bibliographic records for books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, computer files, archival materials, music scores, and maps.

Search Other Libraries

Cheng Library doesn't have the book you need? Try searching in other libraries. You may request books from other libraries through InterLibrary Loan.