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French Colonial Legacies: Finding Journals

Database Tips

  1. Try several databases to see which ones work best for your topic
  2. Some topics should be searched in multiple databases to get the best results
  3. Keep track of your citations when searching different databases by using a bibliographic management tool such as RefWorks.
  4. Usually if you find one good source, you can search for similar articles within most databases
  5. Search Google Scholar from the library database list to be able to link to the ful-text of articles when available.
  6. Having problems? Ask the Reference Librarian for assistance.


Databases and Journal Collections

The best way to locate articles is to use databases. Here's a list of the best sources for researching French Colonial Legacies. To see the complete list of Library databases.

Scholarly vs. Popular


Unless your research involves using news accounts in magazines and news sources on recent events in francophone countries such as Haiti or Senegal, your best sources will be in avademic and scholarly journals. This tutorial will explain the differences between popular sources and journals.