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HIST2600: Historical Methods (Age of Jackson Focus): Published Document Collections

About Published Primary Sources

Published collections of primary source documents are excellent resources for research papers in history.

Such collections are well-organized, with tables of contents and indexes to make it easy to locate relevant documents. The documents often contain helpful introductions and/or annotations to place them in context and clarify obscure references.

At the Cheng Library almost all of our published primary source collections in history are part of the circulating collection, so they can be borrowed while you are working on your paper.

Selected Published Primary Source Document Collections

Correspondence of Andrew Jackson / Andrew Jackson, John Spencer Bassett, and David Maydole Matteson. - New York: Kraus Reprint, 1969. - ID: 2672; edited by John Spencer Bassett. Washington, D.C., Carnegie Institution, 1926-33.; 7 v. in 6 24 cm; Index by D.M. Matteson.; v.1. to April 30, 1814.--v.2. May 1, 1814, to December 31, 1819.--v.3. 1820-1828.--v.4. 1829-1832.--v.5. 1833-1838.--v.6. 1839-1845.--v.7. General index, by D. M. Matteson. - Call Number: E382.J115 1969

Letters of Theodore Dwight Weld, Angelina Grimkte Weld and Sarah Grimkte, 1822-1844 / Theodore Dwight Weld, Angelina Emily Grimkte, Sarah Moore Grimkte, Gilbert Hobbs Barnes, and Dwight Lowell Dumond. - Gloucester, Mass.: P. Smith, 1965. - ID: 2648; Edited by Gilbert H. Barnes and Dwight L. Dumond.; 2 v. - Call Number: E449.W443 1965

The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison / William Lloyd Garrison, Walter McIntosh Merrill, and Louis Ruchames. - Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1971; 1981. - ID: 2647; 019: 412967 5793540 7790095; Edited by Walter M. Merrill.; 6 v. illus., ports. 25 cm; Vols. 2 and 4 edited by Louis Ruchames; v. 6 edited by Walter M. Merrill and Louis Ruchames.; Includes bibliographical references and indexes.; v. 1. I will be heard, 1822-1835.--v. 2. A house dividing against itself, 1836-1840.--v. 3. No union with slaveholders, 1841-1849.--v. 4. From disunionism to the brink of war, 1850-1860.--v. 5. Let the oppressed go free, 1861-1867.--v. 6. To rouse the slumbering land, 1868-1979. - Call Number: E449 .G245

Milestone Documents in African American History: Exploring the Essential Primary Sources / Paul Finkelman. - Dallas, Tex.: Schlager Group, 2010. - ID: 2666; Paul Finkelman, editor in chief.; 4 v. : ill. ; 29 cm; Includes bibliographical references.; v. 1. 1619-1852 -- v. 2. 1853-1900 -- v. 3. 1901-1964 -- v. 4. 1965-2009. - Call Number: E184.6.M55 2010
Among the documents included in the set are important legislative documents such as the Reconstruction era amendments; critical Supreme Court decisions from Dred Scott v. Sandford to Plessy v. Ferguson to Brown v. Board of Education; and iconic speeches and writings by leaders such as Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Mary McLeod Bethune, Martin Luther King Jr., Shirley Chisholm, and Barack Obama. Key congressional reports, executive orders, and letters help round out our coverage, providing an invaluable collection of primary documents that is paired with extensive original commentary.

Papers of Henry Clay / Henry Clay, James F. Hopkins, and Robert Seager. - Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1959; 1992. - ID: 2671; James F. Hopkins, editor ; Mary W.M. Hargreaves, associate editor.; 11 v. : ill., ports. ; 25 cm; Erratum slip inserted in v. 1.; Vols. 9 and 11 have title: The papers of Henry Clay.; Vols. 7 and 9 edited by Robert Seager and others.; Vol. 11: Melba Porter Hay, editor; Anna B. Perry, Mackelene Smith, Kenneth H. Williams, assistant editors.; Vols. 6-11 published by University Press of Kentucky.; Includes bibliographical references and indexes.; v. 1. The rising statesman, 1797-1814.--v. 2. The rising statesman, 1815-1820.--v. 3. Presidential candidate, 1821-1824.--v. 4-7. Secretary of State, 1825-1829.--v. 8. Candidate, compromiser, Whig, 1829-1836.--v. 9. The Whig leader, January 1, 1837-December 31, 1843.--v. 10. Candidate, compromiser, elder statesman, January 1, 1844-June 29, 1852.--[11]. Supplement, 1793-1852.; Papers of Henry Clay. - Call Number: E337.8.C597

The Papers of John C. Calhoun / John C. Calhoun, Robert Lee Meriwether, William Edwin Hemphill, Clyde Norman Wilson, South Caroliniana Society, and South Carolina. Dept. of Archives and History. - Columbia: Published by the University of South Carolina Press for the South Caroliniana Society, 1959. - ID: 2670; edited by Robert L. Meriwether.; v. : ill., ports. ; 24 cm; Vols. 2-9: Edited by W. Edwin Hemphill; v. 10: Edited by Clyde N. Wilson and W. Edwin Hemphill; v. 11-: Edited by Clyde N. Wilson; v. 23-: Edited by Clyde N. Wilson and Shirley Bright Cook.; Vols. 10-: Published by the University of South Carolina Press for the South Carolina Dept. of Archives and History and the South Caroliniana Society; v. 23- published by the University of South Carolina Press.; Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - Call Number: E337.8.C148

Thirty Years' View; or, A History of the Working of the American Government for Thirty Years, from 1820 to 1850. Chiefly taken from the Congress debates, the private papers of General Jackson, and the speeches of ex-Senator Benton, with his actual view of the men and affairs: with historical notes and illustrations, and some notices of eminent deceased contemporaries: by a senator of thirty years / Thomas Hart Benton. - New York, D. Appleton and Co.; Boston, F. Parker:1854. - ID: 2646; 56. 2 v. fronts (v. 1. - Call Number: E338.B472

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