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Criminal Justice: Online Criminal Justice Resources

Online Criminal Justice Resources

There are many good resources for information about criminal justice available on the Internet, but it's important that you think critically before using these in your academic research.  Always refer to your course syllabus or talk to your professor before using web resources for your assignments. 

Below are general resources, and two sub-pages have been created to address Government Resources and Selected Topics.

If there are other resources or websites that you would like to see listed on these pages, please send suggestions to Tony Joachim.


Wondering about the authority of a page you've found?

A good rule of thumb is to look at the domain extension, first (.edu, .com, .net, etc.).

While there are ups and downs to each domain, some of the best regulated are .edu (educational) and .gov (government).  Try limiting your web search to these domains to improve the quality of your results.

While it may seem easier to do a web search for information rather than use a library database, you need to critically evaluate web sites. While there are numerous web pages that describe how to evaluate a web site, here are a few that you may find useful: