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MUSI5300: Research Techniques: Overview Resources

Overview Sources

The Cheng Library has a small, but useful Reference Collection, located on the first floor of the building.  While these items cannot be checked out, you may want to spend some time exploring the following resources (and others!).

Note: Recent (and ongoing) maintenance of the collection may have moved some of these items to our 2nd Floor Circulating collection, where they can be borrowed.

Progression of Literature

This (very) general diagram outlines the relative ages of different music-related subjects that you may be researching.  Note that music has been around for a LONG time, and that it is likely that a lot of research has been done on music, in general.

As we get closer to modern times, though, there may be less research on the different topics, and the types of sources used will vary.

  • Music Education has been around the longest, allowing for specialists and scholars to conduct in-depth research, which has resulted in books, reports, articles and other documents.  
  • Jazz is still a growing genre, but has quite a bit of history behind it.  Therefore, you will find some of the same types of resources as music education, although probably fewer examples.  In addition, there are current performances that may be documented in news sources, rather than scholarly journals and books.  
  • And finally, music management is probably the newest research area that you'll be researching, meaning that more items will be found in news sources than books and scholarly articles, although this information certainly exists.

As you conduct your research, keep this in mind, as is may determine the types of databases and resources that you use to find information.

Suggested Periodicals and Overview Sources

Because each of you will be approaching your research from a different angle, the following examples might be of particular use.  Be sure to perform your own searches, to see what else is out there:

  Trade Publications Scholarly Journals Overview Sources

Music Educators Journal


Bulletin - Council for Research in Music Education

Journal of Research in Music Education

The handbook of research on music teaching and learning

The new handbook of research on music teaching and learning (also as ebook)

The Oxford Handbook of Music Education

Jazz Down Beat

Journal of Jazz Studies

Annual Review of Jazz Studies

Jazz Research and Performance Materials

The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (also included in Oxford Music Online)

The Oxford companion to jazz

Music Management


Music Industry Newswire

Popular Music

Music business handbook and career guide

The musician's business and legal guide

The SAGE handbook of popular music (online)

General Resources  

Music Perception

Music & Letters

Oxford Music Online

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
(also part of Oxford Music Online)

It's also important to consider the accuracy of the information, and whether or not is has been filtered, modified, or combined with other content.  

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