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SOC3540: Social Stratification: Online Statistics

This guide will help you in conducting a literature review, and provide you with links to useful resources

Online Resources

Whenever you use a website or other online resource in your research, it's important that you think critically about the source of information, as well as its credibility. 

Think about the following criteria when considering a website for your research:

  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Objectivity
  • Currency
  • Coverage

For more information on these terms, visit the FYS Website Evaluation page.

Google Searching

Looking for statistics and reports can be difficult, but Google offers some features that make the process of finding authoritative sources easier.

  1. Use Google's Advanced Search to have better control over your searches.

    The "Search within this domain" option lets you limit to just government pages, by typing .gov into the box.

    Combine this with the keyword 'statistics' and your topic keyword(s) (healthcare, crime, gender inequality, etc.) to find related statistical data and government reports.

NJ Statistical Sources

New York Statistical Resources

U.S. Statistical Resources

United States Health Statistics