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SOC3540: Social Stratification: Books & Encyclopedias

This guide will help you in conducting a literature review, and provide you with links to useful resources

Using the Catalog

Use the Cheng Library's Online Catalog to find books, videos and audio recordings in the library.

This isn't the place you'd go to find research articles, though!

Try the Finding Articles in Databases link, instead.

Finding Books

When looking for books or media (videos or recordings), the Online Catalog is the place to start.  It acts like a small, online search engine, allowing you to see what books and other materials are owned by the Library.  Using the Find Books & Media in the Online Catalog link on the Library website, enter simple terms or concepts, rather than long phrases and questions.  For example, use terms like “gender” or “free trade” rather than “gender discrimination at work/glass ceiling”.  In this case, less is better…  Too many terms make it harder to find resources!

For more specific searches, or to combine multiple concepts (i.e., author and title), use the Advanced Search option.

Beware! While the Online Catalog can tell you whether WPU subscribes to a journal or magazine, it cannot tell you what articles are within those items.  There are other resources (see below) that are used for that purpose.


Here are some great Reference resources that might get you started on your topic.