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Cost Accounting: Finding Articles in Databases

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How to Search...

...for articles on  cost accounting


How to search for articles ...

Use Lexis to search through company filings and buiness news sources.

Accounting Issues Have a Long Life Span


While many recognize that life cycle costs are important, there is often uncertainty over how to calculate them. Activity-based costing provides one solution…”


  Rupert Booth, “Life cycle costing,” Management   Accounting, Volume 72(6), 1994

Think About Your Search Terms

Even for a topic as straightforward as life cycle costing, you will find an accounting procedure or process described with a variety of terminology. Not all articles will use the phrase "life cycle costing".  Here are a few other terms to considers when searching.

  • Product life cycle
  • Costs, industrial
  • Life Cycle Assessment or LCA
  • Life Cycle Inventory Assessment
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Whole life costs

Always consider synonyms and alternative phrases when searching for an accounting topic.