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Cost Accounting: Getting Started

What to find in this guide

This guide prrovides resourcces for managerial and cost accounting.

How to find articles for a research paper  for management and cost accounting?

How to find current issues of accounting journals?

How to search in the Library Catalog for books on cost and management accounting?

How to use Google to locate information on cost accounting from government agencies?

How to use Google Scholar to locate articles in scholarly journals and books?







Governmental Accounting

Cost accounting is an important concern for many government agencies. Consult Governmental GAAP Guide for State and Local Governments REF HJ10.2 .M54 2013.

To find more federal and state government resources on life cycle costing, limit your search in Google to a specific domain. For example, enter the search

life cycle costing or activity based costing



Searching the Library Catalog

When searching the Library Catalog for accounting topics, keyword searching works best. The following terms can be used to locate books on management or cost accounting: Cost accounting, Inventory; Managerial Accounting; Just in time; Costs, industrial; Activity Based Costing


      Search the Library Catalog

Recent books