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PHIL1600: Ethical Well Being: Research Questions

Keyword Searching

Developing effective search strings is a vital component of the research process. Tools like Credo Reference can help provide keywords and also have Mind Mapping features to help dive deeper into a broad topic.

Another tool for developing keywords is the Thesaurus built into most databases. This is a great feature to ascertain some of the controlled vocabulary used in an academic discipline.

Research Questions

When searching in a database, critical thinking skills are essential.  Don't waste time and paper!  These questions can be used for any research assignments. Spend a few minutes reviewing the citation and/or abstract information and consider the following details:

Author: who wrote this and what are his/her credentials and affiliations?

Source: is this a scholarly, professional, popular, or trade publication?

Publisher: who produced this? government? university? corporation?

Date: when was this published?

Audience: for whom is this written? general public? scholars? practitioners?

Purpose: are the findings clearly stated? Are there clear biases?

Data: is methodology explained? Are charts, graphs, illustrations clearly presented?

Conclusions: do the findings support the thesis?

References: are there footnotes and citations leading to related work?

Compare: how does this article compare with other articles in this field?