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Human Resources Management: Getting Started on a Research Project

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Search terms

Try to be as specific as possible when searching for books and articles. Examples of subject terms for books include

  • personnel management
  • wages
  • discrimination in employment
  • intercultural communication
  • mentoring in business
  • employees, rating of
  • teams in the workplace

Since the language of management is so general, keyword searches are often best when searching the Cheng library catalog.  Consider the following phrases as possible search terms: Human resource management, job satisfaction, employee benefits, quality of work life, motivation, whistle blowing, teams, selection of employees, employee retention, compensation, employee development, outsourcing, downsizing, women in management, performance evaluation, organizational development, employee relations


Search for books on human resources management in other libraries by using WorldCat - the OnlineUnion Catalog.

If the Cheng Library doesn't own the book, consider requesting an interlibrary loan.


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