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HON 1000: Identity and Hybridity: Finding Research Articles

Popular and Scholarly Articles


Popular Articles Scholarly Articles
Will traditionally appear in magazines, newspapers, and trade publications Will traditionally appear in journals
Shorter length Longer length 
Will sometimes see pictures or advertisements No advertisements, usually charts and graphs detailing data
Written for a general audience Written for scholars, researchers, or students in that field 


Interlibrary Loan

If the library does not have the full text of the article, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan. 

Link is here:

Scholarly V. Popular

Where Do I Find Articles?

  • The databases (see next tab) hold a collection of articles, including peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Google Scholar will also hold a collection of articles. If you use the link provided through the library, Google Scholar can link to the full text of the article 

Suggested Databases

The following are general knowledge databases useful for your paper:

Search Tips


  • Never put in your entire research question when you search
  • Break up your search into keywords
  • Write down several different possibilities for searching 
  • You will need to search different terms and combinations - there is no such thing as a perfect search