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Faculty Guide to Education Research: Publishing Resources

Introduces faculty to databases and database features that can help them with research.

Cabell's International

Cabell’s Scholarly Analytics:

Cabell’s provide scholars with access to information on various publishers, based on subject area and scholarly impact.  The Whitelist search locates appropriate journals by keyword search and provides useful information about the publication, including metrics for review.

Scopus and Science Direct


Scopus is a comprehensive database with millions of citation records from more than 20,000 peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, and book series, including in press articles from over 3,800 journals.  In addition, there are millions of conference papers and patents available.  Citations cover research literature in the Social Sciences, as well as the natural and physical sciences, from 1823 to the present.

One of the interesting features of Scopus is the ‘cited by’ feature, showing how many (and which) articles in Scopus have referenced a given article.  This can be very useful in determining article impact, as well as locating similar resources on a given topic, although Education is not strongly represented.

User Profiles in Google Scholar

Google Scholar

When accessed through the Cheng Library homepage, Google Scholar can connect you with full-text access to articles available through our other databases.

A great feature of is its ability to find articles by specific authors and to see the number of times each article has been cited (in those sources available through Google Scholar).  If you search for your own name, this can be useful in determining article impact, through citation counts.