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VTHS: Freshman World History CP: Video Links

Welcome to your World History Research LibGuide. Here you will find all if the necessary resources to complete your marking period 1,2 & 3 research projects.

25 Reformers/Revolutionaries

Your MP1 reseach project requires you to find and watch 2-5 minute vidoes of the six people you chose to research. Here you will find video sources related to the 25 Reformers and Revolutionaries. Some of the videos are shorter than two minutes and some are longer. Feel free to find your own videos as well. 

1.        Zheng He                                                        14.  Winston Churchill

2.        Toussaint L’Overture                                      15.  Peter the Great

3.        Pol Pot                                                            16.  John Locke

4.        Mikhail Gorbachev                                         17.  Montesquieu

5.        Margaret Thatcher                                          18.  Jean Jacques Rousseau

6.        Emmeline Pankhurst                                       19.  Jean Paul Marat

7.        Mary Wollstonecraft                                       20. Maximilien Robespierre

8.        Mao Zedong                                                    21. Napoleon Bonaparte

9.        Elizabeth I                                                       22. Karl Marx

10.      Bartolome de Las Casas                                 23. Otto Von Bismarck

11.       Vladimir Lenin                                                 24. Joseph Stalin

12.       Nelson Mandela                                             25. Ieyasu Tokugawa

13.       Maria Therese of Austria