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CIED3140: Professional Learning Seminar: Collections

CMC Collections

The CMC provides access to both online and print resources. The previous page identified some online resources. This page describes the print resources which are divided primarily into three different types.


Textbooks can be valuable lesson planning tools because they can identify topics and teaching activities that are appropriate for a particular grade. With the exception of the most recent text for a subject and grade level textbooks can be borrowed for 14 days. Look for the 14 day loan sticker.

Here's a list of Call numbers to help you find textbooks: 


Praxis Study Guide Collection

Praxis Study Guides may be borrowed for 14 days. Our collection includes the Praxis 1 (Core Academic Skills) and Praxis 2 (in many different subject areas). 

Teaching Aids

Teaching Aids are supplemental resources with ideas for lesson plans and teaching activities. They are arranged according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification system, and can be located by browsing or searching the Library's online catalog. Teaching aids may be borrowed for 14 days.

Here's a list of LC Call numbers to help you find Teaching Aids.

Search Books & Media


Search the Cheng Library online catalog for books and media. If you need journal articles, go to our Databases page.

Juvenile Materials

The CMC houses a wide range of juvenile materials, PreK to grade 12. It includes magazines, big books, DVD's, computer software, as well as picture books (grades PreK -3), fiction (grades 1-12) and nonfiction (grades 1-12). Most juvenile books may be borrowed for 28 days. 

Juvenile materials are organized by the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Here's a list of Dewey Call Numbers to help you find juvenile materials.

Curriculum Materials Center webpage

There are many resources available through the CMC webpage, They include:

Bibliographies: Topical lists of books and other resources available in the CMC.

Collections: Descriptions of different types of resources found in the CMC, including an online list of Curriculum Guides from NJ school districts.

Lesson Planning Resources: Organized by subjects this list identifies free online resources.

Find Articles: Links to databases both for education research, as well as for K-12 students.

Self-Guided Tour: An easy way to discover the different resources available in the CMC. 

Course Resources: Listed in order by course name these are LibGuides (research guides) created for these courses.