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CISE4120: Methods of Teaching Secondary English Language Arts: K-12 Databases

Jersey Clicks


JerseyClicks is New Jersey's statewide portal for searching over 20 full-text databases offered by the New Jersey State Library, the New Jersey Library Network, and funds from the Library Services and Technology Act. The portal can be found at

These high quality databases cover a variety of subjects and vary in audience. Some are designed for use by adults, while others are for use by children. If you have Internet access you can search for high quality information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Access is provided by visiting your local library, or by entering your New Jersey public library card number. 


Accessing Databases

If you are a member of the William Paterson community most of these databases are available through the Library's database page ( or through this LibGuide.

Students and teachers in schools can access these databases through different ways.

  • Some schools require students to get a public library card which will provide access.
  • Others set up direct access by providing IP addresses to the NJ State Library (this is what we have done at William Paterson University). Contact Bob Keith (email: at the NJ State Library for more information.

Databases for K-12 Students from the NJ State Library

This list includes resources available free through the NJ State Library through JerseyClicks. Direct links are available through the Cheng Library's webpage.

Databases that can be purchased