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ELRL6270: Research in Reading: When the article or book isn't available...

InterLibrary Loan

If the article is not available from the Cheng Library, you may request an InterLibrary Loan (the Cheng Library will request the item for you from another library).

Articles will be emailed to your WPUNJ email account. Allow one week for delivery.

Found a Citation?

When reviewing articles and books, you might come across a citation for another article that you'd like to use. 

To find out if the Library has the article, use the Journal Search tab on the Library homepage, and search for the journal name (not the name of the article).

This will tell you if we have the full-text of this article in another database OR in paper or microform (WPUNJ Print, WPUNJ Film, WPUNJ Fiche).

Check your citation to find out the year that the article was published and compare it to the available options.

This short tutorial will walk you through the above steps: