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WGS3080: Human Trafficking: Online Resources

Web Site Evaluation

Think Critically

While it may seem easier to do a web search for information rather than use a library database, you need to critically evaluate web sites. While there are numerous web pages that describe how to evaluate a web site, here are a few that you may find useful:

Web Resources

Finding Online Resources

If you're looking for statistical information online, be sure that you can trust the source before using it.  

One way that you can do this is to limit your results to certain domains: or

For example, or

Many organizations (.org) also collect statistical data.  In order to ensure that an organization is legitimate, be sure to check the About Us/Contact Us links to learn more about them. 

Here are links to get you started...  On the results page, just add details of what you're looking for (population, disparity, etc.)

Get More Out of Google

Get More out of Google