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ENG1100: College Writing - Sabatino: Search All

Guide for the course College Writing

Search All: Find Books & Media, Articles, and More!

Library Tutorials

Instruction On Demand

These short tutorials, each taking about 5 minutes or less, are a great way to get quick answers about the library and the services we offer. Look for them when using library resources for quick access to information, when you need it.

Most of our tutorials are also hosted on the Cheng Library YouTube account, although some, like the Scholarly v. Popular can only be found here (Some tutorials may require the Adobe Flash Player.  It can be downloaded, for free, from the Adobe website.

Below are three useful tutorials.

Interlibrary Loan & Article Copy Service @ the Cheng Library ~ NEW!
This short overview will explain the ins and outs of these two related services, and walk you through the process of submitting requests.

Searching Journals & Periodicals
If you're looking for a specific article, or your professor wants to you to search only in a certain journal, this short video can show you how.

Scholarly v. Popular
Learn the differences between scholarly and popular articles, and the peer review process!

Tips for using Search All

Searching Tips

·     After typing a few terms into the Search All search window, narrow your results using the following options:

  • Select "Academic Journals" to limit to journal articles.
  • Select "Available in Library Collection" to make sure the text of the article will be available.
  • Select "Peer Reviewed Articles" to limit to academic articles.
  • Too many results? Add an additional term or two.
  • Too few results? Think of synonyms for your term(s).
  • Adjust the date slider to limit to recently published articles.
  • Review the abstract for the article.
  • Use the "Cite" feature to see a citation for the article.