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PCOM5100: Integrated Communications: Researching Companies and Organizations

  Searching for information on Companies

  • In general more information will be availalbe on public companies or larger organizations.
  • Check out the company/organization webpages, documents. Are there corporate responsibility, ethics, sustainability or similar plans? What is the mission?
  • What can you determine about the companies image? How does the company/org currently promote its products/services?
  • Find out as much as you can about the product. brand or service that will be the topic of your PR plan


SEC Documents

Most companies will post their primary SEC filings, such as the 10-K reports, in the investor's section of their company webpage.

Profiling a Company, Organization, or industry

Other Perspectives

How can you investigate the perspectives of various stakeholders on a specific company? First, search for articles on the company in the key business databases. Second, look for webpages from various stakeholders or groups monitoring companies. Explore social media sites as well.