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Joy Dennis' LibGuide: The What and Why of Leisure Reading

A Guide for High School Students to Engage in and Enjoy Leisure Reading

What is Leisure Reading?

Leisure Reading Defined

Leisure reading is reading for fun or enjoyment. It is not mandatory, assigned reading required for school, work or some other task and it is usually a source of great pleasure to the reader.

One source explains it as pleasure reading or independent reading; the art of engaging in self-selected reading for personal or social reasons. 

Why Read for Leisure?

According to Mount Saint Mary's University Research Guide webpage, benefits of leisure reading have been found to include: reduced academic stress and improved reading comprehension.

Further, reading books of various genres along with other kinds of reading material such as magazines and newspapers promotes emotional, social and mental wellness.

More Benefits of Leisure Reading

  1. You get to enjoy material that interests you. When you enjoy what you are reading, it is a pleasurable activity, rather than a chore. 
  2. Your reading stamina will increase. A synonym of stamina is endurance. Reading, like most skills, becomes stronger the more you do. it. The more you read, the longer you will be able to read. (Gordon, 2018).
  3. Your reading fluency will improve.  Reading fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression. The more you apply yourself to reading, the better you will get at these traits.
  4. Your reading comprehension will improve. Being invested in the content of the book you are reading will either enhance your understanding of its message or motivate your desire to understand its message, which can lead to research or other methods of acquiring new knowledge. 
  5. Turn up the volume. Reading for volume is a worthwhile goal in itself. A cycle usually emerges in leisure reading: the more you like what you read the more you will read, the more you read, you will realize that before long you will have amassed a number of titles you've enjoyed and completed reading.
  6. Reading can improve your social skills. Social benefits of leisure reading include: improved maturity, greater compassion and empathy for others, improved relationships and greater happiness. (Gordon, 2018).

7. Better linguistic and literary abilities. Leisure reading improves grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. (Gordon, 2018).

Gordon, b. (2018) No More Fake Reading. Corwin.

The Benefits of Leisure Reading by My Tutor on You Tube

A Classic Pastime

Alot of forms of recreation are shiny, glitzy and new, but the hobby of leisure reading is a pleasure that is a tried and true classic. It is convenient, can be quite inexpensive - if you fulfull it by borrowing from your local library - and can be enjoyed at a variety of places and times. If you don't already leisure read, give it a try. You may be delighted!

A Delightful Outcome

Something amazing happens for many who begin to love leisure reading: they want to do it as much as possible! So they do it anywhere and anytime possible! You will see them engrossed in a print, digital or audio book while waiting for or riding on public transportation. They may do it while waiting in the checkout line at a store; or during a lunch break. It starts to embed itself in their day-to-day life. They carve out time for it because it is fulfilling, engaging and informative! These are beautiful effects